The Recruiter Database has long been the foundation upon which every recruitment company has been built, with recruitment software focused on helping to administer that database. The value of a recruitment company has sometimes been measured on the quality and size of the candidates contained in the resume database. Many Preferred Supplier Listings or tenders have criteria relevant to database size. However, in the last 12-24 months the reliance on this local, private information has seemingly diminished, and the importance of having it is being marginalised.

Threats to traditional recruitment company working practices come in the form of Social Networking and Online vendors offering cloud-based repositories of available candidates along with the tools to communicate and record information. With the explosion of data and information available, the messages we hear are all about finding the best candidates via 3rd-Party Talent Pools and Networking Sites. There is no doubt that access to such information is a viable opportunity to be exploited, but is this a reason for recruitment software to move away from the traditional Recruiter Database and the inherent business processes already established?

As far as DaXtra Technologies is concerned the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. Recruitment remains a people oriented industry and we understand that working with people is primarily about relationships. Therefore, it is the unique information and perspective those relationships cultivate which sets one recruiter apart from another.

The strength of any recruiter is the ability to quickly and efficiently place the right person, in the right role, with the right client.

For any given client or role, it is imperative to know:

  • The values and culture of the client
  • The sort of roles they have historically recruited for
  • The nature of people they have historically recruited
  • The reasons why they reject or accept different candidates
  • Other activities and initiatives ongoing with the client

For any given candidate, it is imperative to know:

  • Prior history with the candidate
  • The particular type of roles they have historically been accepted for
  • The sort of roles they have historically been rejected for
  • The reasons why they have been rejected or accepted in the past
  • Aspects of their personality and values that make them the right ‘cultural fit’ for any given client

Absolutely none of this imperative information is available in any Online Database. This information is unique to you and your organisation, and is both in context and complementary to the values and standards inherent to the way you and your company work. It is these values and standards, which the use of the Recruitment Database enforces and complements, that makes you work as a recruitment business.

DaXtra Technologies has always been in the field of ‘Recruitment Process Automation’ and each component of our recruitment software is aimed at supporting the activities and tasks involved in recruitment. The most important thing to note is that it is your processes we look to automate and all activities are recorded and updated in the local database. The benefit is that we save recruiters time and effort away from the mundane administrative tasks thereby enabling them to focus on creating new and maintaining current business.

All activities and networking undertaken should be recorded in the Recruiter Database for the benefit of the overall business. Otherwise, any networks, information and relationships built up in an Online space, will be lost when the recruiter leaves, the provider vanishes, money for the service runs out, or when everyone moves onto the next thing.

Using DaXtra recruiter software every day saves you significant time and money. These tools enhance your Recruitment Database by means of the following features:

  • Upload a Job Description and create a vacancy on the database
  • Perform instant automatic CV matching for suitable candidates shortlisted to the vacancy
  • Perform a multi-search for other suitable candidates as a single search brings back all results from all of your CV sources, including the local database, job boards and networking sites
  • Filter and review the ranked results in a single interface, single-click to download and shortlist from external sources, make notes against reviewed candidates, with automatic recording against the local Recruitment Database
  • Place an advert from a vacancy and ensure that all ad-responses are processed automatically onto the database as a ‘Long-listed’ / ‘Applied For’ record against the database vacancy as well as the Source of each application
  • Additionally review overnight ad-responses, and candidates automatically matched to the vacancy, as well as results from Watchdogs run against all sources for matching criteria
  • Reject unsuitable CVs to the TalentPool so that all CVs received are searchable when needed thus retaining the cost and benefit of procuring the CV for future requirements
  • Create and maintain easy-to-access and use ‘Hotlists’ of the best available candidates that you come across while searching and reviewing results and share these with your team
  • All candidates added to the Recruitment Database can have a client-ready CV automatically created with branding added to the original document and contact details removed making them ready for checking and sending
  • All candidates added to the Recruitment Database can have an email sent with a link to Terms and Conditions (or optionally a link to a registration portal) where they can upload their details, build, and maintain an Online CV profile thereby capturing the rich information your database needs as well as the details on the CV document

There are many ways DaXtra Technologies can help ensure both the knowledge available on your internal database system and resources available on the Internet are harnessed and exploited.

All information is stored and viewed in the best context, in a single place and, more importantly, the comfort of that knowledge being private. After all, it is your knowledge, your data, and only you should be benefiting from it.