DaXtra Technologies Inc. increases its market reach through powerful industry partnership with Akken.


April 2013: DaXtra Technologies Inc , the resume parsing and search software provider, has partnered with staffing and recruiting efficiency specialist, Akken , to provide an integrated, contextualised search capability to the US market. Recruitment agencies will benefit from an enhanced applicant tracking system (ATS), which uses state-of-the-art single point of entry search technology to produce the most relevant candidate results.

Akken is a staffing efficiency improvement specialist that has helped hundreds of staffing and recruiting companies improve their efficiency, placing more candidates into quality paying positions and increases customer retention.

As a result of the partnership, Akken clients will be able to use the DaXtra Search technology to quickly and accurately search not only their own candidate databases, but also external databases, such as job boards, in one single entry. The contextual search capability enables recruiters to view the most relevant candidates instantly, saving time to identify the most suitable candidate for a position.

Steve Finch, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at DaXtra Technologies Inc., comments , “The ability to search and capture candidate information is arguably one of the most important recruitment functionalities and the new partnership will enhance our offering to the applicant tracking system market. By opting for an all-encompassing solution recruiters can benefit from contextualised searching whilst reducing administrativ e overheads.”

Akken has previously been using DaXtra’s Resume parsing technology – DaXtra Parser – to automatically extract information from Resumes and enter it into the Akken platform. The technology assigns the data into pre-determined categories and ranks the data by logic and relevance, resulting in the most accurate matches within seconds.

Giridhar Akkineni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Akken, describes, “With our ongoing growth targets we are looking to expand our offering to our current and prospective customer portfolio. To us, customer satisfaction is crucial and DaXtra shares those working values making the new proposition all the more exciting.”


About DaXtra Technologies


Headquartered in the UK with strategic global offices in the United States and APAC, DaXtra is a specialist in high accuracy, multilingual CV/Resume and Job parsing, as well as semantic CV/Resume search technologies including federated and aggregated metadata searching products and components.

For a decade DaXtra has provided international clients with the competitive edge in their challenge to source and quickly engage with the best available job candidates.

DaXtra’s Recruitment Technology is designed to significantly reduce the time and cost to recruit, as well as improve the quality of candidates an organisation attracts.

Over 400 organisations, spanning all continents, use DaXtra technology – from the world’s largest staffing companies to boutique recruiters, corporate recruitment departments, job boards and software vendors.

DaXtra’s technology includes:

  • DaXtra Capture : Automate routine administration tasks such as CV/Resume acquisition and processing, as well as duplication, updates and data-entry on an existing database. daXtraCapture integrates with a database to unify local and online resourcing.
  • DaXtra Search: Get candidates onto a database in seconds. A highly innovative search and matching solution that ensures a business finds the right candidates intuitively across online sources or in an existing candidate database.
  • DaXtra Parser: Highly accurate, multilingual CV and job order extraction (parsing) component for processing free-format CV’s and vacancies, converting them into accurately structured and categorised XML information.

DaXtra’s technology gives recruiters the ability to find relevant information quickly, from in-house databases and online recruitment channels, regardless of industry, location or company size.

About Akken

Akken is the staffing and recruiting efficiency improvement specialist. Akken has helped hundreds of Staffing and Recruiting companies improve their efficiency, place more people into quality paying positions and increase customer retention. AkkenCloud™ is the first and only 100% web-based, multi-tenant, integrated software platform for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. The AkkenCloud™ is simple to use, with a fully integrated front office, back office and intra office. AkkenCloud™ provides businesses with the mobility to access and work from anywhere on any device.

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