Faced with a double-dip recession, tight purse strings and a crackdown on new staff, two years ago FD’s drastically changed the face of recruitment. With many opting to evade the fees often associated with outsourcing, HR and recruitment departments started to pop up within the corporate environment.

Whilst the quick fix may have worked in the short term, internal departments are now struggling to attract the talent due to lack of expertise and dedicated technology.With a large candidate pool, external recruitment agencies have the upper hand, not only due to experience and expertise but, critically, the depth of candidate information available from the internal dedicated database. It is this combination of insight and experience that is key to effectively sourcing, searching and placing the right applicants. Compare this to the ‘LinkedIn’ approach commonly used by internal departments and the divide becomes evident.With 37% of senior HR professionals admitting that HR departments are poorly defined and undervalued, understandably in-house recruiters are keen to prove their worth to the board. Whilst implementing dedicated equipment and ongoing training can be prohibitive, enlisting consultancy advice can come at a fraction of the cost.

Without relinquishing control, HR directors can exploit external expertise to drive up efficiency and performance. Leveraging external support enables small internal teams to benefit from training and updated software; whilst also gaining essential strategic advice to enable the business to attract those all important candidates.By doing so, internal HR departments can ease the task of recruiting great talent and prove their worth whilst increasing their own presence within the business – something that is notoriously difficult to do at present.