With new reports indicating a surge in job prospects since 2008 and with an 8% rise in vacancies in the past month alone, it is safe to say that a jobs-led recovery is paramount to fixing the economy. But whilst an increase in positions is without doubt a promising sign, the candidate pool to fill the vacancies is yet to see such a rise.


So what does this mean for those tasked with finding the right candidate for the job?In reality, facing an abundance of CVs stuck in an inbox isn’t going to get the right candidate placed anytime soon – despite the beloved keyword search tool. A ‘triage’ approach has never been more relevant, but how do you prioritise and more importantly spot differentiators between one applicant and the next?Whilst every recruiter is looking for a quick placement and a nice bonus at the end of the month, sense would indicate that this process becomes far easier when using an internal and, more importantly, regularly updated database.

With a wealth of positions now available on the market, placing a candidate has never been easier, but nor has the competition in doing so been so high. Recruiters need to step outside the commodity market – with the right tools in place, proving the worth of an outsourced recruiter is simple.
Automation is crucial and whilst it may be tempting to log-onto the likes of LinkedIn to search for candidates, such tools don’t provide the value added service so many businesses look for when opting to engage with an agency. True value derives from recruiters regularly uploading and updating the recruitment database. By having historic dialogue trails, daily imported CVs and simple search functionality, placing candidates becomes a streamlined and efficient process. From here, recruiters can then spend their time wisely and actively search and place candidates, drawing upon their judgement and experience instead of investing valuable time with manual updates and admin.<wp:post_date_gmt>