How do you make a Talent Director fall in love with your product in ten minutes? A speed dating event organised by Reconverse, was one of our first chances to find out.

Faced with a room full of prospects and only ten minutes to impress, our goal was to decipher exactly what the corporates are interested in, what they are looking for and what makes them tick – all while making the most of the opportunity to explain DaXtra’s offering. To provide an insight into our approach, we’ve included an outline of one topic which was popular at the event.
Given the cost of outsourcing, corporates want even quicker access to the best candidates on the market. However those organisations that opt to recruit internally don’t ordinarily have the same level of sophisticated technology often associated with recruitment agencies. With the advanced technology now openly available on the market, recruiters have the chance to equip themselves with the necessary tools to cater for corporates’ needs. So for organisations wanting to manage recruitment in–house, they need to understand whether their existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) system have similar functionality to those often used within the agency vertical.
By adopting an agile ATS solution, organisations can compete alongside recruiters to source the best and most suitable talent. This presents businesses with the same opportunities by using similar tools or technology as agency recruiters. A sophisticated ATS, or one that allows for third party add-ons, will also help organisations to improve search capabilities within their existing databases and provide a better and faster experience for the applicant.
Instead of completing lengthy application forms, a prospective candidate can just upload a CV and the organisation can use a CV parsing solution to populate pre-defined fields within its ATS. The time from job specification to job fulfilment is also significantly streamlined. With no need to pass through complex and time consuming processes within a recruitment agency, organisations gain fast track access to the best candidates.