Glen Cathey posts a fascinating article into Semantic Search and its implications for Recruiters over at, reproduced with kind permission here.

“Semantic search has been a hot topic in Internet search for a number of years now and it continues to generate quite the buzz. For example, Google just recently rolled out semantic search capability. However, when I talk about semantic search, I’m not referring to the semantic web or “web 3.0.”

I’m not so excited about whether or not Google can correctly disambiguate my search on the word “bark” and figure out if I mean “the sound of a dog,” “the skin of a tree,” or “a three-masted sailing ship.” I’m interested in an passionate about semantic search techniques and applications specifically geared towards enabling more effective and efficient talent identification and acquisition.

So exactly what is semantic search?

That’s an excellent question! If you run a search on Google or even a semantic search engine such as Hakia or Powerset for the phrase “semantic search,” you’ll find many confusing results and very little in the way of an easy-to-understand explanation of the concept. I’ll attempt to do my best to explain semantic search in a way that is pertinent to sourcing and recruiting….

For the full article, CLICK HERE.