People love lists. Each time we encounter new information, our brains immediately try to make sense of it, and a list is perfectly designed for our brain, especially when it comes to technology products. 

An example of a very long list, is the list of lists of best extensions for one of the most popular internet browsers today: Chrome. Recently we came across a list of Best chrome extensions to use as a recruiter

However, when taking a look at it you realise that those extensions, despite all being as good as the next , are not specific for recruiters. From community managers to sales people, many other professionals can benefit of using these tools, which does not mean that each tools is not useful, but just not specific to recruiters.

With this in mind, a purely recruiter-focused internet browser extension for recruiters is Magnet. And since we love lists, this is a list of the reasons why especially Talent Acquisition Managers should immediately add it to their usual internet browser:

  1. It is helpful. Magnet makes the candidate search more efficient and organised. Say for example that you have a vacancy to fill and you are checking different jobboards and networking sites, blogs, etc… you are constantly coming across people whose profile is quite interesting. What would you do? Create a new record in your database and manually copy and paste their profile in to it? Bookmark it in your browser next to many other websites you have stored like in your Tesco online shopping account? Write in in a post it? With Magnet, when you are surfing the web and find a candidate all that is required is to click on the green magnet icon in the address bar and the candidate data will be automatically added to your database. The record does not even need to be physically opened in the CRM.
  2. It keeps your database updated. Magnet checks the online profile and cross references this with your database in seconds. If the candidate is not in your database, it adds it to your database creating a new record and completing all the associated fields, and if it already exists, it updates the old for new information.
  3. It keeps you informed of the process. The Magnet icon shows how the profile is being processed at any time. The icon turns yellow to show that it is processing. When the icon turns green your candidate is ready to be added or edited in the database.
  4. It lets you add your comments. At the same time, you can record and share any notes and activities related to the profile and even link newly found candidates to existing vacancies and shortlists for a specific position – all through the Magnet pop-up without opening the record within your CRM.
  5. It can be used for talent pipelining. This is a feature that in-house recruiters find really useful. Magnet helps you build list of good candidates that you don’t currently have a requirement for but are likely to need over the next 6 months. Filled pipelines can then be passed through to the relevant client or department.


Magnet is a browser extension specific to Talent acquisition professionals. By installing it, you can find the right candidates faster, making online resources and your database work as a single integrated information pool.

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