DaXtra has signed a partnership agreement with the recruitment efficiency specialist TrackerRMS to provide an integrated, contextualised search capability to the US, Canadian and UK recruitment market.

Recruitment agencies and staffing companies using TrackerRMS will now benefit from an enhanced functionality, which will offer a single point of entry to search for candidates throughout both, their internal database and external online resources. 

This integration will help TrackerRMS to avoid having to log in and out of jobboards sequentially, saving considerable time on shortlist creation. It will also provide recruiters with the ability to get a single aggregated results list from their searches, where the most relevant candidates from their internal database and the internet are ranked by relevancy.

TrackerRMS is already using DaXtra’s Resume parsing software to automatically extract information from resumes and load it onto the TrackerRMS platform saving hours of manual work and allowing users to focus on actually making placements.

David Alonso, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at TrackerRMS, describes, “As Recruitment Software providers, our priority is to provide the user with the best experience, and by integrating Daxtra tools within our system, our users will see an improvement in their efficiency save time on admin tasks and find the best candidates.”

Steve Finch, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at DaXtra comments, “The ability to search and capture candidate information is one of the most important functionalities in software tools for recruitment. The new partnership will benefit both parties. It will enhance our offering to the Applicant Tracking software market and at the same time TrackerRMS users will benefit of a contextualised search and a reduction on administrative overheads.”