As part of our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are delighted to announce that we are launching a new version of our semantic search and matching software, DaxtraSearch

Designed for and in collaboration with recruiters, the main aim of this transformation is to make working with this tool faster and more intuitive. The new look and feel displays the system’s functionalities in a more logical way and allows a high level of customisation.

We have noticed that most of the candidate search tools in the market have something in common: they are extremely rigid and static. Therefore, when we redesigned DaxtraSearch, we decided to set the focus on the recruiter and build a tool according to their needs, which is the reason why one of the main highlights of this new version is that it includes several options that allow the user to configure and customise their search process.

The new version allows the user to collapse/display panels as needed, configure the number of candidates per view and enjoy a larger view of resumes among other improvements. The result? An improved user experience both in laptops and tablets, as this new interface is also responsive.

Would you like to see the new interface? Contact us now for a free demo!