There’s an old adage about using the right tool for the right job. If you’re in the recruitment industry, specified technology is more important than ever in gaining an edge over competition.


The other day I caught my son hammering a nail in the wall with the heel of a shoe. I questioned him as to why he wasn’t using a hammer. His answer was that he just used what he had handy. Was it effective? Well, yes. Ultimately the nail went in, albeit, crooked. Was it efficient? No. It bent the nail, took twice as long, and in the process left a scuff mark on the wall.

Using what you have on hand in your recruitment database, CRM or ATS may work for you. But if efficiency, quantity and quality mean anything, there are tools that can enhance and make your search and match efforts more efficient.

DaXtra’s recruitment technology solutions allow you to use more specified tools in order to hone in on the job of finding and placing candidates. Specializing in high-accuracy, multilingual resume and job parsing technologies, DaXtra’s solutions could be the right tool for you. Our suite of products automates different parts of the recruiting process – and seamlessly integrates with your existing recruitment or resume management software.

The Solution

Daxtra’s versatile products offer the solution to your recruitment needs. By simultaneously searching your CRM database, all available job-boards, and social sites, Daxtra Search intuitively allows you to filter or shortlist the most relevant candidates, and download the information back into your CRM database with a single click.

No more time-consuming searching and matching candidates to jobs. Daxtra Search effortlessly accomplishes this with the stroke of a button.

DaXtra Capture is best thought of as a robotic administrator, its only job is to load candidates into your database with full business rule qualifiers and deduplication processes.

Never again will you have to manually load candidates. Daxtra Capture takes on that chore allowing you more phone time, one-on one with live candidates.

DaXtra Parser accurately and automatically converts raw, unstructured resume data into structured data with the capability of parsing in approximately 30 languages. On the forefront of technology in language parsing development, Daxtra is consistently benchmarked as the highest overall in resume parsing accuracy across multiple languages.

Daxtra Magnet connects with your internet browser to match online profiles with your existing database records. Matches instantly update and link an individual to a job on your database – all without leaving your browser or even logging into your database.

As an alternative to these products, we offer DaXtra Components. This customizable suite of component web technologies is perfect for job boards, ATS, CRM vendors and Bespoke system integrators. You design to fit your needs while utilizing DaXtra’s parsing, search algorithms and job board aggregation tools.

DaXtra: The Right Tool

In the recruitment and staffing industries the priority is to find candidates quickly and place them into the most suitable positions available. To be the best in the industry, you need the best tools available for the job. Eliminating the menial administrative tasks, DaXtra products allow recruiters to do what they do best, one-on-one personal contact with viable candidates. No matter your specialization or field, DaXtra’s technologies optimize recruitment processes and workflows, with compatibility for virtually any recruitment database system. Choose DaXtra’s intelligent automated recruitment solutions as your specified tools — allowing you to more efficiently find and place the best people faster, and before the competition.

— by M. Christine Watson, Global Marketing Director, DaXtra