In a Business News Daily article on trends and hiring in the digital age, Nicole Fallon Taylor, Managing Editor, stressed the forthcoming trend of sourcing social and mobile recruiting data and applying intelligence to summarizing the important information.

“The use of social networks and other digital profiles as candidate search tools has opened up a much wider talent pool for recruiters to draw from, but the time it takes to do that research could end up taking hiring managers away from their most important task: Actually hiring.”  — Business News Daily

This statement rings true for many recruiting and staffing professionals, and many are realizing that new technology is the answer to the problem at hand. Having a solution that completes the menial tasks of sourcing, sorting, categorizing and ranking, is becoming essential to stay ahead. This article, in fact, hit home the point that DaXtra is an industry leader as a technology solution provider, celebrating 15 years in recruitment process automation. In combination, DaXtra’s products — DaXtra Search, DaXtra Magnet and DaXtra Capture, handle many of the menial tasks mentioned, and more.

Long gone are the days of a recruiter manually searching and sorting through their ATS/CRM, not to mention, online profiles and social networks. By searching, intuitively filtering and sorting data from job boards, online networking sites and CRM databases, DaXtra’s resume search software quickly finds the most relevant candidates using natural language semantic meta-search technology. DaXtra Search streamlines searches from your own data with powerful relevancy, ranking and speed. A recruiter can remain within their CRM database application, allowing them to view search results in context, and compare to existing activities and notes that are highly relevant to selection criteria. It categorizes skills, and ranks candidates — using skill level and experience. Online resumes can be shortlisted, associated to vacancies and downloaded into the CRM with a single action.

With DaXtra’s integrated search, activities can still be controlled, monitored and reported on, as well as aligned to agreed business resourcing workflows, largely through automation — taking out the human element of mistakes or preferred online sources.

DaXtra Magnet links the internet to your recruitment database by browsing online job boards, social networks, individual web pages, or your email inbox. It then cross-matches relevant profiles to the information in your existing CRM or ATS using a Chrome Browser Plugin.

DaXtra Capture is used to summarize important information by updating your CRM with rich, structured data — complete with contact information, full education, work history and skills information. All of this data, populated through intelligent automation, provides you with relevant information, helping you to find the best choice in qualified candidates. This data, populated through intelligent automation, provides you with relevant information, automating many of the menial administrative tasks.

By automating day-to-day administrative tasks, a recruiter can concentrate on the essence of their job — having more one-on-one contact with qualified candidates and placing the best, with speed. Or, as DaXtra’s motto suggests, Find the Best, Find them Fast and Find them First.

At the forefront of CV/resume parsing, and search and match technology, DaXtra is a mature company with a start-up feel — with growth and enthusiasm. Going into our 15th year as a dedicated, established and leading technology software company, we provide our clients globally with the competitive edge in sourcing the best available jobseekers and engaging with them quickly.

— by M. Christine Watson, Global Marketing Director