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DaXtra directly supplies add-on solutions to over 1,000 staffing and recruitment agencies worldwide. Whilst the CRM and ATS systems used in these organizations may have inbuilt recruiter tools already, these often only provide a base-level functionality, and can therefore lack the power, accuracy and intelligence — but most importantly, the tailored workflow automation that DaXtra solutions offer.

DaXtra Capture

A Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective Candidate and Contact acquisition tool

capture-mobileSave time, increase efficiency and boost productivity with DaXtra Capture. Our full CV analysis and workflow solution automatically loads candidate data from dedicated mailboxes, website portals and shared network folders in seconds, populating your existing CRM or ATS recruitment software, with high data accuracy, tailored workflows and without duplication.

Incorporating our flagship multi-lingual CV parsing software, DaXtra Capture will get candidates to recruiters faster and enrich your CRM or ATS database data and workflow processes.

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DaXtra Search

An innovative, powerful, intelligent and intuitive search and matching tool
search-mobileA leading-edge search tool that integrates directly with your CRM or ATS database, unifying your local and online resourcing.

  • Unify simultaneous searches over multiple search sources
  • Exploit multiple in-house and online talent databases
  • Intuitive and powerful navigation and filtering of search results
  • Build and export a shortlist to your CRM database in a single action
  • Integrated workflow inside your CRM database
  • Bring extra speed, efficiency and productivity to your recruiters

Candidates make you and your Recruiters money, so Find the BEST, Find them FIRST, Find them FAST by deploying DaXtra Search, and stay ahead of the competition.

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DaXtra Magnet

Accurately match online and offline profiles against your existing database, with an easy-to-use desktop add-on tool

magnet-mobileBrowse job boards, social networks or individual web pages and cross-match relevant candidate and contact profiles to the information in your existing CRM or ATS database.  DaXtra Magnet is available as a Chrome browser or Microsoft Office plugin, and will enable: –

  • Deduplicate, Create and Update of Candidate and Contact details with a single click
  • Instant adding of notes and actions to existing records directly where viewed in the Chrome browser, Outlook or Gmail or Microsoft Word.
  • Update of existing records with new skills, attributes, and aspirations
  • Linking of newly found Contacts and Candidates to existing vacancies and shortlists

Make the internet an extension of your CRM or ATS database, combining offline and online recruitment activities with DaXtra Magnet, and never miss an opportunity again.

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DaXtra Styler

Automatically create many of your branding elements, eliminating the need to manually prepare CV send outs in a corporate or house style

Your branding is your professional identity and makes you stand out in the crowd of CVs that hiring managers receive from agencies daily. You want your candidate CVs to look professional – a true representation of the standards of service you offer to your clients. Immediately realize the benefits of:

  • Cost reduction: instant direct savings on CV preparation
  • Time-Saving: All CVs automatically prepared ready for checking and sending
  • Brand Awareness: ensures your CV sendouts reflect your professional identity
  • Professionalism: sets a high standard, elevating you above the competition

DaXtra Styler eases the administration burden of your recruitment processes, ensures brand recognition and focuses your time on what is really important; selling the candidates to your clients.

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Apart from the core capabilities of the Products above, that are already used by thousands of recruiters daily, DaXtra’s technology components can be used to build bespoke solutions unique to your needs as a specialist organization.

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